Frequently Asked Questions

Membership of a Caravan Club Centre is free, just register using one of the following methods. There are 3 ways in which to join a centre; by post, by phone or at the Caravan Club Website (Login required).
Complete the Centre Registration form in your Caravan Club joining or renewal pack and return it in the pre-paid envelope.
Call Membership Services on 01342 318 813 and ask to join the Midland Centre.
Club Website:
You can register with the Midland Centre when you renew you membership online.
Please note that you have to re-register each time your Caravan Club membership is renewed, it doesn’t automatically continue.

This is where members get together at a venue and socialize over a weekend. These are organised and run by fellow members who volunteer their time. A rally can take many forms depending on the venue, the time of year or the programme put together by the Stewards.

During the winter months, we try to organise rallies that are on hard standing and within walking distance of a village hall for a social event. Socials usually have music, mostly provided by our centre DJ, or some form of entertainment, sometimes with themed fancy dress. It is usual to take your own drinks and food, although some socials may be catered (please check rally details).

During spring/summer, we try to organise events on the rally field (communal barbecues, family games, etc.). We also have several gazebos which are used for socials on the field.
The Centre also has two prestigious events, the Dinner Dance and the AGM.

On arrival at a rally, you will normally be:
Welcomed by the Rally Stewards and asked to sign in and pay
Given a program of the weekend activities including any competitions.
Shown the location of the drinking water and waste points.
Directed to your pitch.

Many Stewards organise tea, coffee and biscuits on a Friday night, an ideal opportunity to meet fellow ralliers and introduce yourself.
The end of the rally is marked by ‘Flag’ and ralliers should make every effort to attend. This is where we make our formal thanks to the landowner for the use of their land, the Chairman or a member of committee thank the Rally Stewards for giving up their time so we can enjoy ourselves, announces any centre news and conveys forth coming rallies. Flag is also the place where you as a new member, or a visitor from another centre are officially introduced to the other members. Competition prizes are handed out, and there is an opportunity to book future rallies.

Look through your rally handbook or click on the “Rallies” button to the top of this page, then go to “Rally Calendar” and choose the rallies that interest you. Rallies can be booked via the online form on the relevant rally page.

Selecting the “Book Online” link at the top of the rally details page will open up the booking form. Certain entries are mandatory and marked as such. When complete press submit and your details will be forwarded by email to the rally stewards. The rally stewards should then reply to acknowledge receipt of your booking.

A deliberate decision has been made not to provide an automated confirmation to your booking as we believe this is misleading as it does not actually mean that the stewards have read your booking. You will receive a copy of the submission sent to the stewards but this does not confirm your place, it is purely for your records. If you do not receive a response from the stewards after a few days, either email or phone the stewards (details on website or rally book) as you would with a postal booking.

You can also book in to a rally by either handing in a slip to the stewards on the rally field or by post. If sending by post, it is worth contacting the stewards beforehand to make sure there are spaces available, as some rallies are limited. You will find blank booking slips to download in the Rallies – Downloads section of the site.

Please note: Limited rallies require a £5 non-refundable deposit with the Rally Slip, all other rallies are ‘Pay on arrival’ unless otherwise stated.
For a normal weekend rally, please book at least 1 week prior to the date of the rally, for Bank Holiday and Holiday rallies and some others as defined in the Rally Book, you need to book at least a fortnight before.

If, in the unfortunate event, you find you are unable to attend, please let the Rally Steward know as soon as possible. If this is later than the Monday prior to the rally, there may be a charge to cover expenses incurred on your behalf.

Follow the directions printed in the rally book or print the rally details from the website. As you approach the rally venue, watch out for MCCC signs (pictured below), these will guide you to the entrance of the Rally field. The Website also now provides a link to google maps showing the approximate location of the Rally site.

Levelling blocks and wedges as some of the venues are sloping and these will help you to level your outfit.
At least one fully charged battery as most of our rally sites do NOT have electric hookups.
Plenty of gas. (Particularly Propane (Red Cylinder) during the Winter.)
Water container(s) and filler pipe for drinking water.
Waste water container.
FIRE Bucket or Extinguisher (compulsary)
Toilet chemicals (also know as Blue and Pink) as most of our rally sites do NOT have toilet blocks.
A container for water to rinse out your toilet. Please note – for health reasons, toilets must NEVER be filled or rinsed out at the drinking water tap.
Bin bags to take your dry waste home.

If you are in a Motorhome with an onboard tank it is advisable to bring a long hosepipe as we cannot guarantee the tap will be accessible to a motorhome.

Weekend Rallies open at 4:00pm unless otherwise stated.

This allows the stewards time to set up, put out signs, peg the field etc. In many cases stewards have to attend work prior to the rally and therefore must be given time to set up their rally and should not be presurised into accepting early arrivals. However, it is sometimes possible to arrive earlier, but this is at the Stewards discretion. If in doubt, please contact the rally stewards. Contact details can be found in the rally book or on this website.

As you enter the Rally field, the first caravan you meet will be the Rally Steward. They will also have a yellow ‘Stewards’ sign by the van.

Here you will pay your rally fees (card machine available, cheques are not accepted) and receive your weekend programme and be advised of location of the drinking water and waste disposal points. They will then show you to your peg and advise you how to site your van. Remember, the Stewards are there to help.

We usually meet on a field not a site so there is not a motorhome service point. On some of the locations we use the tap is accessible but you may need a range of adapters as they may not be standard. Some locations may not have an accessible tap so please be prepared and contact the stewards if you are unsure. Alternative methods of filling your water tank may be required such as a large watering can, an external tank (aquaroll) with a 12v pump or buckets and a jug. There is also the option to fill your tank before you leave if you have a water source available.