Midland Centre

Centre Regalia

Listed below are items of Centre Regalia currently available from our Regalia Officer Paula Dudley.

Fire Bucket:
A Red Fire Bucket. A Fire Bucket or Fire Extinguisher is required on MCCC Rallies.
Fire Bucket

70th Anniversary Rally Handbook Cover:
The Rally Handbook Cover was produced for the Centre's 70th Anniversay in 2007. We have a limited number still for sale.
£3.50 Rally Book Cover

Small Flag:
This flag is a small version of the Caravan Club Flag with the Midland Centre name using the White and Red Caravan Club Colors.
£1.50 Small Flag

MCCC Pennant:
Midland Centre Pennant.
£1.50 MCCC Pennant

Small Flag:
Midland Centre Chevron Pennant.
£9.00 Small Flag

Teddy Bear:
A small Teddy Bear with a MCCC T-Shirt. Very Cuddly!
£6.50 Teddy Bear