Midland Centre

Past Charities

This page will list (to the best of our current information) previous charities that the Junior Committee and the Centre have raised funds for. If you can help fill in some of the blanks, please email us with the details.

Year Charity
2019 Community First Responders
2018 Community First Responders
2017 Cancer Research Kids and Teens
2016 Guide Dogs
2015 Junior Air Ambulance
2014 Scotty's Little Soldiers
2013 Multiple Scelerosis Society
2012 Rapid Aid Community First Responders
2011 Breast Cancer Care
2010 National Autistic Society
2009 Alzheimer's Association
2008 Leukaemia Care
2007 Birmingham Children's Hospital
2006 Birmingham Children's Hospital
2005 NSPCC
2004 Acorn's Children's Hospice
2003 Air Ambulance
2002 No Junior Committee?
2001 Angelman Syndrome Support
2000 Baby Care Unit
1999 RSPCA
1998 No Charity
1997 No Details
1996 No Details
1995 No Details
1994 RNIB
1993 Adopt a Brick for Walsall Children's Hospice
1992 Birmingham Children's Hospital
1991 Epilepsy
1990 Parkinson's Disease
1989 No Details
1988 NSPCC
Pre 1988 No Details